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Merchandise representing Cornell can be found across the globe. (They like us, they really like us!) In order to maintain the university’s identity, we partner with the Cornell store and follow these brand guidelines closely.

Trademarks & Registration

Cornell Seal with Trademark
The Cornell logo is a trademark of Cornell University and must be accompanied by the trademark symbol: ™
Cornell Logo with Registration Symbol
The name "Cornell University" is registered. Therefore, when used alone, the Cornell logotype must be accompanied by the registration symbol: ®

The trademark and registration symbols must not be used if the seal or logo are being reproduced in a size or process that makes the marks illegible.

Trademark and registration marks do not have to appear on banners, flags, and signs.

The main purpose of a trademark is to enable the public to recognize the goods or services as originating in a particular company or being a particular product or service. Trademarks are protected by law in order to serve this source-indicating function and prevent the public from being confused about the source of the goods or services. By doing this, a trademark also helps to assure that the trademark owner, and not an imitative competitor, will reap the rewards associated with a desirable product. By acting as indicators of source, trademarks and service marks promise a consistent level of quality, helping the consumer to decide whether to purchase a desirable product or service again or to avoid an undesirable one. International Trademark Association

Guidelines for Cornell-branded products

If you would like to produce Cornell-branded items—such as apparel, gift items, and sporting goods—you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Purchase merchandise using a licensed manufacturer.

    The licensing process (administered by Exemplar Associates) ensures that the Cornell name and logo are used appropriately, and that merchandise is manufactured under a code of conduct designed to reinforce fair-labor practices and prohibit sweatshop conditions.

  • The logo must be rendered in Cornell red (PMS 187), white, or black.

    It may also be etched on metal or glass or stamped on metal or leather.

  • The logo must adhere to the standards established in the logos and lockups section and use Cornell University licensing brand guide.

    For embroidery applications, the seal should be a minimum of 2-5/16" in diameter.

  • Do not redraw, reconstruct, or modify the logo in any way.

    The logo is a trademark of Cornell University and cannot be altered.

Creating merchandise for an event or other activity

To create items using the Cornell brand—such as apparel, gift items, and sporting goods—you must submit a Use of Cornell Names, Logos, and Artwork on Manufactured Items form and a copy of the proposed design for approval prior to production.