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Cornell University has color standards for web and for print.

Color usage

Primary colors are the officially recognized color palette for the university. These colors are critical to leverage the Cornell brand and provide clear university consistency.

Secondary colors are used minimally as accent and utility to complement, not compete with, the primary palette. These colors may not be chosen for banners or for any place used to support the Cornell logo.

For more information about using approved colors, please request a brand consultation.


To copy a hex code, click on a color block below.

Primary Colors Learn more

Light Gray

Secondary Colors Learn more



Colors provided use the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Primary Colors Learn more

PMS 187
CMYK (0,100,79,20)
PMS Cool Grey 11
CMYK (48,36,24,66)
CMYK (0,0,0,0)

Secondary Colors Learn more

PMS Process Blue
CMYK (100,13,1,2)
PMS 369
CMYK (67,0,98,5)
PMS 144
CMYK (0,52,100,0)
PMS Red 032
CMYK (0,90,60,0)
PMS 7463
CMYK (100,62,12,62)
PMS 7462
CMYK (100,45,6,27)
PMS 7458
CMYK (52,3,6,7)
PMS 7493
CMYK (20,3,38,8)
PMS 403
CMYK (14,18,22,42)
PMS Warm Grey 3
CMYK (6,7,9,15)
PMS 5635
CMYK (29,8,25,24)
PMS 5845
CMYK (14,9,51,25)