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Student Organization Naming and Branding Guidelines

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the Cornell brand, and support students' affinity for their university, the following guidelines are presented. Student organizations must submit their naming and logos for review and approval by University Relations, per University Policy 4.10.


Use of "Cornell" in student organization names

While it is not required, use of "Cornell" in the name of a student organization is permitted if the group is formally registered and adheres to the following guidelines.

Use the " Cornell" standard naming convention

  • Group name followed by "at Cornell"
    e.g. Campus Club at Cornell

To use "Cornell" in any other order:

  • Name must include "Club," "Class" or "Student."
    e.g. Cornell Chess Club, or, Cornell Math Student Club.
    • Note: Only official Cornell University teams under the Department of Athletics may use the word "team" in their name.
      e.g. "Cornell Frisbee Team" is not permitted and should be "Frisbee Club at Cornell"
  • Name must be approved at the sole discretion of University Relations.
    To request approval, use the Use of Name or Logo submission form.

For a consult, use the Consultation Request submission form.

Communications and Web Presence

Domain names for registered independent and university student organizations

To host an organization's website in the domain, organizations must use Campus Groups or the CU Blog Service.

Some domain names ( or may need to be registered or recorded with CIT. Three-part domain names ( are not available to student organizations.

Disclaimer language

All formal communications (websites, social media, etc.) must include the following disclaimer:
"This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University."

The disclaimer must be included in the footer of all online properties.

Use of other entities' names

  • May be allowed as 'official chapters' of non-profit organizations.
    • Organizations cannot be connected to political campaigns or committees.
  • Must be approved by University Relations and the external organization.
    To request approval from University Relations, use the Use of Name or Logo submission form.
  • Must use "at Cornell" naming convention.
    e.g. Special Olympics Club at Cornell

Logos and artwork


University trademarks may be used with approval. Naming may be simplified without a disclaimer.

College-affiliated student groups

University and academic affiliate groups may use college branding with approval from college administration - typically managed by Communications and/or Student Experience in the respective college.