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Typefaces and how they are presented are as important to Cornell's identity as the use of color, graphics and photography. Clean, well-spaced typography is what distinguishes professional print and digital communications.

Serif typefaces

Serif: Palatino (Purchase)

Palatino is the primary serif typeface for the university. It appears on the Cornell logo and embodies the tradition of the university.

Palatino typography examples

Serif: Freight Text Pro (View on TypeKit)

Freight Text is a more contemporary serif typeface that pairs well with its sans serif counterpart, Freight Sans. It appears on web properties, such as

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


Sans serif typefaces

Sans-serif: Freight Sans Pro (View on TypeKit)

Freight Sans is a sans serif typeface that allows a more contemporary personality. This font comes in a variety of weights and styles and is easily legible on screen.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


Sans-serif: Frutiger (Purchase)

Frutiger is another sans serif font that brings a bold statement to headline copy.

Frutiger typography examples