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Photography has a powerful impact on Cornell's audiences. It provides viewers with a quick and distinctive impression of the university and is a critical element in telling its stories. Maintaining high standards and using photographs that support the Cornell brand reflects the excellence of the university.

  • Professional photography should be used as often as possible. This is particularly important for external communications. Web sites and print materials should be created by professional designers familiar with the proper use of photography.
  • All photographs should be printed at 300 dpi at the actual size. Do not increase the size of digital images as this can cause the image to be distorted.

Hiring university photography

The university photography unit provides a fee-based, freelance photography service to our campus parters. Visit Cornell Photos for more information about photography or request photography services using our request form.

For questions about digital asset management policies for the Cornell Photos site, please visit our support page.

Cornell Photos image library

The Cornell Photos image library provides approved photography in support of the university's marketing and communications needs. Images can be searched and downloaded at sizes and resolutions appropriate for use on Cornell websites and in Cornell publications.

Photography Best Practices

Brand Communications staff photographers have gained a lot of on-campus experience over many years, including the management of high-level guests and university leadership during important photo shoots. For example, please use this Presidential Photography Code of Conduct as a guide for how to effectively capture the university president, leadership and dignataries in event photography.