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Social Media

Social media is an invaluable communication medium. As you use tools like Facebook and Twitter it is important to develop a voice that represents Cornell in an authentic and engaging manner.


The university recognizes the value of social media platforms for a range of business goals and must balance its support of social media with the preservation of Cornell's brand identity, integrity, and reputation. All social media accounts associated with the university must comply with Policy 4.16.

Required Brand Ambassador Training

If you are establishing an official social media account per Policy 4.16, you are required to participate in Brand Ambassador training.

To schedule a session, contact University Communications at or 607-254-7116.

Account Guidelines

Naming Conventions

  • Use "Cornell" or "Cornell University" when naming social media accounts.
    If your department or unit name is too long to use in its full form, abbreviate as necessary but be sure to use the unit's full name and "Cornell University" in your bio or description.
  • Do not use "CU" in your account name.
    This helps to distinguish us from other colleges and universities with "CU" as initials.

Creating Avatars

In social media, an avatar gives an account a distinct visual identity.

  • Use an iconic and identifiable image as your graphical representation.
    Consider using a portrait or a photo of your location.
  • Do not use the Cornell logo in social media avatars.
    Many of the avatars associated with social media accounts are not of appropriate size to contain the Cornell logo.