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Naming and Branding for Cornell NYC Activities Located at Cornell Tech

July 2018

A number of academic programs from the Ithaca campus offer events or educational activities on the Cornell Tech campus. To avoid confusion, such events and programs should be named and described as “Cornell University” plus the school, college, unit or program name, and not “Cornell Tech” except when they are co-sponsored by or co-offered with Cornell Tech, per the following guidelines.

  1. Naming and branding
    1. The Cornell University name and any relevant academic unit name(s) should be used for events or activities of Ithaca-based programs located at Cornell Tech. The Cornell Tech and/or Jacobs Institute names should only to be used for programs or events offered by Cornell Tech.
    2. Cornell University branding, including any relevant academic unit specific branding, should be used for events or activities of Ithaca-based programs at Cornell Tech. Cornell Tech or Jacobs Institute branding (the twisty-T super graphic and lockups with the Cornell Tech or Jacobs name) should only be used for programs or events offered by Cornell Tech.
  2. Positioning

    Events, activities, or programs offered by Ithaca-based units should be clearly positioned as being “Cornell University” in any materials and not “Cornell Tech” or “Jacobs Institute.” If such a program, event or activity is collaborative or co-sponsored with Cornell Tech then the Ithaca program should work with Cornell Tech in developing a shared positioning that makes clear the programs involved and/or sponsorship. It may be desirable to use geographic based positioning, such as “Manhattan” (as is done with the Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan program), or “New York City”, but “Cornell Tech” cannot be used in this manner.

  3. Location

    The Cornell Tech name can be used in describing the location of any program or event that is held on the campus (but per above not in the naming, branding or positioning). Approval for any activity or event to be held on the campus must first be obtained from the Cornell Tech events manager or Dean’s office, except for events in the Johnson Ithaca space in the Bridge, which must obtain approval from the Johnson School administration. Associated costs for space and services must be covered as part of that approval. The phrase “on the Cornell Tech campus” or similar wording, along with the specific building name and room, should be used to describe the location, including for event advertising, program descriptions, business cards, letterhead, etc. For example “Cornell University College of X, Bloomberg Center Room 101, on the Cornell Tech campus.”