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Videos produced by and for Cornell units should reflect well on the Cornell brand.

Poorly produced videos can negatively affect perceptions of Cornell and add to "clutter" on Cornell's content platforms. Both editorial aspects (message, story, etc.) and aesthetic aspects (lighting, composition, etc.) should be considered during production and prior to distribution.

Video should represent Cornell in the following ways:

  • Messaging: Concise messaging and impactful storytelling
  • Production value: High-quality footage; well-lit; free of technical issues such as poor focus and poorly recorded audio; consistent throughout the program
  • Editing: Tasteful and consistent throughout the program
  • Duration: As brief as possible without sacrificing impact. For social media, videos should be 10 seconds to four minutes long
  • Elements such as stock footage, music, and graphics: fresh, contemporary or modern, not generic or dated. Consistent throughout the program. For titles, lower-thirds and other text, you may choose to use Freight Sans or Freight Text
  • Branding: Consistent with university branding; you may choose to end your video with a Cornell logo.

Note: make sure to secure rights and permissions for any music, images and footage in the program that Cornell does not already own. When possible, secure rights for use in "all media" and "in perpetuity."