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The Brand Book

Some people talk about brand and refer to slogans and logos. But it’s so much more. Our brand is a reflection of everything we do and say, everything we print and broadcast.

It speaks to the satisfaction and emotional connection we provide to our stakeholders.

It’s how we all talk about Cornell, and what a special place it is, to our neighbors, friends and visitors to campus. It’s the message we send to prospective students and their parents through our marketing materials. It’s the high quality and rigor that our faculty deliver in our classrooms and the leading work we do to help solve global problems.

What is the Cornell brand? The brand is you, and it’s all of us. It’s what Cornell stands for that sets us apart.

Why is it so important for us to articulate the Cornell brand? Establishing and communicating a clear and compelling brand helps people associate the Cornell name with credibility and quality. In this electronic media age, when managing perceptions is especially challenging, we must assert our brand to define our place in the world and to lead for the long term. This book highlights a few of the key components important to the Cornell brand. It includes messaging we can rally around and use to communicate consistently with others about Cornell and who we are as we celebrate our 150th anniversary in 2015—beyond. You’ll also find updated visual identity guidelines for print, web and other multimedia.

Help Cornell continue building its brand and a global reputation for excellence by following the guidelines presented in this brand book.

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