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The Brand Book

Every day, all around the world, thousands of people see communication materials from Cornell University, and many of these are in printed formats: correspondence, brochures, reports, magazines, newsletters, books, exhibits, event materials, posters, advertisements, forms and applications, and more.

Each and every one of these materials represents the university. The logo guidelines unify our communications and help them make a clear and strong impression.

While the university provides brand guidelines and encourages their adoption by its individual colleges, schools, and other entities, it does not require that each guideline be followed, beyond the minimum threshold of logo use. This book is meant to complement, with some flexibility, college and unit brand guidelines that accomplish more specific goals.

Cornell does not require a universal editorial style; instead, colleges and units may use their preferred style guide. Communicators should take care to avoid using “shop talk” in external communications. For example, the term “contract college” is not readily understood outside the university.