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Every year the Cornell logo and Cornell University name are placed on a wide variety of merchandise—apparel, gift items, and sporting goods—found around the world. Its adherence to the university’s identity program is extremely important to the Cornell brand.

Cornell requires that businesses producing its merchandise be licensed. The licensing process (administered by the Collegiate Licensing Company in Atlanta, Georgia) ensures that the Cornell name and logo are used appropriately, and that merchandise is manufactured under a code of conduct designed to reinforce fair-labor practices and prohibit sweatshop conditions.

If you want to have Cornell merchandise produced for an event or other activity, this merchandise must be purchased from a licensed manufacturer (pdf). You must submit a “Use of Cornell Names, Logos, and Artwork on Manufactured Items” form (pdf) and a copy of the proposed design for approval—prior to production.

Students should submit forms to:
Roxanne Edsall-Beebe, Student Activities Office,, 607.255.4169

All others should submit forms to:
Clive Howard, University Relations/Marketing,, 607.255.9459

Guidelines for Logo Use

The Cornell logo consists of two elements: the round “insignia” and the logotype “Cornell University.” The logo is a trademark of Cornell University. It incorporates unique features and may not be redrawn, reconstructed, or modified in any way. The integrity of the logo should always be maintained. It should be rendered in Cornell red (PMS 187), white, or black. It may also be etched on metal or glass or stamped on metal or leather.

In order to meet the technical demands of the various reproductive media used in merchandising applications, two versions of the Cornell logo are available for merchandisers.

  1. The standard Cornell logo (above), referred to as the traditional version, that is used in print applications.
  2. A less detailed version of the logo, referred to as the simplified version, that must be used when the integrity of the traditional mark would be degraded due to size, process, or quality standards.


For merchandise purposes, both versions of the logo are available in two formats:

  1. The logo appears with the logotype to the right of the insignia (as above).
  2. The logo appears with the logotype beneath the insignia.

Trademark and Registration Symbols

The Cornell logo is a trademark of Cornell University and must be accompanied by the trademark symbol: ™

The name “Cornell University” is registered. Therefore, when used alone, the Cornell logotype must be accompanied by the registration symbol: ®

The trademark and registration symbols must not be used if the logo or logotype are being reproduced in a size or process that makes the marks illegible.

Items made from very high-quality materials, e.g., precious metals, crystal, etc., do not need trademark or registration marks.

Trademark and registration marks do not have to appear on banners, flags, and signs.

Details about Use of the Logo

The Cornell logo should always be reproduced at a size that maintains the integrity of the mark and yields clean and legible lettering and art detail. The decision about whether to use the complex version or the simple version on merchandise should be made with this requirement in mind.

The minimum size for the logo on most merchandise is 7/8”. However, if the words within the insignia are illegible, a larger size should be used.

In embroidery applications, the insignia should be a minimum of 2-5/16 inches in diameter.


The Cornell logo may be printed on any solid color, screen of color, or textured or photographic background that provides sufficient contrast for the logo to appear clearly and legibly.

Clear Space and Framing

The Cornell logo may not be integrated into an illustration, cartoon, or other symbol or logo. The logo may not be placed in such proximity to type, illustrations, logos, or other elements that causes overlap or visual encumbrance.

Using Only the Insignia or the Logotype

For merchandise purposes, the Cornell insignia or logotype may be used alone.

The insignia is round. It may not be rendered as a square, rectangle, diamond, or any other shape.

The logotype must be set in Palatino. If the size or process would prevent the serifs of the typeface not holding detail a sans serif typeface may be used. If space is extremely limited, the word “University” may be omitted.