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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a page of scenarios and practical answers to assist you with your Cornell project.

If you are thinking about a redesign or update of a communication, now would be the optimum time to carry it out. Otherwise, we suggest a timeline that works within your budget and resources.

No. The simplified version of the logo has been adapted for web and screen use only. Print allows for the more detailed logo.

If you are having trouble placing the logo on merchandise or have a question about merchandise design, contact

Black was removed from the color palette because in most designs it becomes the dominant graphic element on the page.

There are many creative ways to communicate the name of your department/unit apart from the Cornell logo. Designers have flexibility in applying size, color, and layout to help achieve your goals.

Only colleges and schools are permitted to use unit signatures under the new guidelines; if you are a department within a college, or an administrative unit, you will need to remove the unit signature from your banners. You can incorporate your unit name below the banner.

If your site represents an academic department, you should replace your unit signature with the signature for your college/school. If your site represents an administrative unit, replace it with the Cornell logo.

Because black is no longer in the official color palette, please take the next opportunity to replace it with an approved color.

When you next look at your site with an eye toward update or redesign, please take the opportunity to move to the new grey banner. The old version of the grey banner is being phased out with the new guidelines.

You should use your next opportunity for redesign to change your 45 pixel banner to the new version. Old versions of the 45 pixel banner are being phased out with the new guidelines.

If you have downloaded your banner from this site, it is pre-configured to take advantage of the Cornell Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) at the university level. You will need to make changes to the code to allow for searching of your site. Please visit the CSE help pages for further information.

The developers' templates that were released in 2005 are no longer available for download, as their code is outdated and no longer in alignment with best practices for the web.

As the details for partnerships are varied, please contact us at with questions about display.

In cases where the application does not allow for complete customization, the Cornell logo should be used instead of the banners. If the space allowed for the graphic does not meet approved logo dimensions, please contact us at We will work with you to provide an appropriate image.

An Accessibility Strip has been provided along with the banner packages.

The Accessibility Strip contains a visible link that, when selected, skips overnavigation and brings the user directly to the main content on the page. The Accessibility Strip allows a web page to accommodate adaptive and assistive technologies and is designed to be positioned at the very top of the webpage, above the Logo Banners. The strip is available in two sizes—one for use with the full-size banners, and one for use with the 45 pixel banners.

By default, the Accessibility Strip is turned off. Use of the strip is entirely optional and has no bearing on compliance with Cornell's brand guidelines.